HTV3 Box 已經停止服務了 Service will end in Sept 2019

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HTV3 Box 已經停止服務了 Service will end in Sept 2019

Post by phoneunlockadmin » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:48 pm

HTV3 是 2015 至 2016 年產品
HTV3 (2015 model) 已經停止服務了 service has ended.


I can suggest 2 options:
1) Use old HTV3 box with paid app (£60 a year) 可以妀用年費服務, 由£60 一年起

2) New box no fee ( htv6 £165 ) 但買一部新盒子比較化算


Please order your new HTV6 box at

or ebay shop

Use your old HTV3 box with Joy Tv paid app ( Get your 3 days free trial )


Follow our Youtube Video:

Download link for the app :

Two methods to install the joy tv.
1) (Without PC) Use the HTv3 onboard internet "Brower" to downloads the app and then install with "File Manager"

2) ( Via PC) Download joytv.apk using computer to USB stick or Micro sd memory card, plug in to the HTv3 to install using "File Manager"

Whatsapp / Wechat us on +447979888282 to get your 3 days free trial code

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