HD-i / HKE360 / i-FUN Tv app for tvpad4 blueTV

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HD-i / HKE360 / i-FUN Tv app for tvpad4 blueTV

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HKE360 tv app - free for 3 days - Suitable for Tvpad4 / Blue TV
i-Fun tv app - free for 3 days - Suitable for Tvpad4 / Blue TV
HD-i tv app - Suitable for Tvpad4 / Blue TV

Choice of 3 apps to work on your Tvpad4 or Blue Tv ( or most android Tv box )

HD-i App compatible with TVPAD4 and Bluetv : ( New update 02Aug2018 )
Live HK China Taiwan Vietnam TV - V1.51
Replay 7 days - V1.2.0
HK Drama VOD - V1.3.9

Download new update HD-I only


Download with tvpad / BlueTV installer

Or Download Each App Only

HD-I 3 Apps

Live TV App V1.49

Live TV App V1.50

Live TV App V1.5.1

7Day PlayBack App V1.2.0

VOD Drama App V1.3.9

YouTube How to install Video - HDi Global app


HKE360 / i-Fun ifun V3.2.0 - Free 3 days Trial ( no need code ) ( Same as i fun )
Live HK TV
Replay 5 days
HK Drama Vod

Once you are happy and test can be working on your Android TV Box / Tablets
Please order at http://www.phoneunlock.com

Download Here APP Only ( V3.2.0 LAST UPDATE 07JUNE18 )


HD-i / HKE360 / i-Fun All 3 apps Download installer pack for TVPAD4 / BlueTV




More info at phoneunlock.com

whatsapp: +447979888282 or 07979888282

wechat id: phoneunlock_com


TVPAD4 Blue TV How to install Apps Video
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JBZs6 ... XA21DLg0bc


Bundle inc 3 files: tvpad4 installer " batchinstall.banana " + i-fun tv + file manager
( last updated 1 june 2018)

1. Download install ifun.zip ( update june 2018 )
2. Unzip and copy all the file onto a usb stick ( FAT / FAT32 formatted )
3. Insert into tvpad and pop up menu click the top option. ( if dont pop up restart your tvpad )
4. After install, you can arrange apps by using the menu button.




To install Android apps rather than the ones from the Tvpad Store:

1) Download the "i-fun" or any app on to a FAT formatted USB stick
2) First install a file explorer app from Tvpad Store / Categories / System Tool such as 小白文件管理
This will allows you to install your own apks from USB stick
3) Select the blue tv / tv china app to install
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