IPHONE 5 IOS 7.0 6.1.3 EE Orange REBELiOS Smart Sim Tray

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IPHONE 5 IOS 7.0 6.1.3 EE Orange REBELiOS Smart Sim Tray

Post by phoneunlockadmin » Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:40 pm

IOS 7.0.4 to IOS 6.1.3 are all supported

( Will not work with 3UK or EE 4G ready sim)

( This will not unlock the ios7 itune lock)

If you dont know the itune account password dont update to ios7

THIS ITEM Will Unlock 5 ONLY

Unlock New IOS 7 --- BUY IT NOW

You Tube Video Instruction


The most advance 5 Unlock Smart Sim Tray for

UK Orange EE

( For T-Mobile / Voda / O2 / 3UK see my other item)


Unlock SIM ( Rebelios Sim)

+ Iphone 5 Custom SIM tray ( No sim card triming required)

+ Activation Sim for first time setup menu and activate after firmware update
IOS 7.0.4

IOS 7.0.3 ( 11A501) Modem 5.0.02

IOS 7.0.2 ( 11A501) Modem 5.0.00

IOS 7.0 ( 11A465) Modem 5.0.00

IOS 6.1.3 ( 10B329) Modem 3.4.03

Tell us which network your phone is locked to, we can pre-setup the Rebelios sim for you

You simply put your sim card with this new Rebelios sim tray into your phone, that simple !!

No need to Jailbreak

No need to do complicated setup instructions

This is the most perfect sim tray unlock i ever come across

100 % Dummy Proof

It is just as simple as putting your new sim card with the rebelios sim tray into your phone, That's It !!

**Please do inform us if you do not want us to test or open the SIM packaging.

For Iphone 5 firmware version IOS 7 or IOS 6

( Currently there are no free or Jailbreak software to unlock above version or baseband)

No need to wait any longer for instant unlock with this device

We have tested the iPhone 5 fitted with Rebelios smart sim tray with simcard from O2 T-Mobile EE Orange Vodafone GiffGaff Tesco Virgin UK Network

This card will unlock any GSM iphone 5 to work in any UK network or many other oversea sim ( Not 3 UK or EE 4G ready sim )

The most reliable and simplest unlock sim ever

- No need to repeat dial 112 after each reboot / turn off phone

- More stable

- Minor bug fix

- compatible with more sim

- Better signal reception

- New sim tray design - No cutting or trimming required

"We QC test each SIM in UK before dispatch to ensure they are absolute 100% working"

**Please do inform us if you do not want us to test or open the SIM packaging.

No need to wait any longer for instant unlock with this device

Any question please ask before buying.

This Reblios Sim is for iphone 5 Only

Please call or online chat for any question before you make a bid.

Tel: 07979888282 ( imessage / whatsapp / viber / sms)

MSN: datacablelondon@hotmail.com

SKYPE: philip-phoneunlock

User Instruction for Pre-Setup Rebelios: ( Already Setup for EE T-Mobile UK)
Your iphone 5 must be already activated via itune and working with the original network ( make out going calls)

1) Remove Original sim tray and sim card, Turn phone off, then power on without sim ( put your original sim tray away)
2) Once power on, wait til "NO SIM" then insert your new network sim together with Reblios-sim tray into the phone
3) Download and install patch app " RiosTool " at http://www.rebelios.com/usim using your iphone 5 safari
4) Wait a few minutes to see the new network signal ( appox 5 mins)


If you need to change the APN network setting and your data Mobile data network menu is hidden

Insert the White sim card suppied with the original sim tray to phone

Goto Setting > General > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network

User Instruction for self-setup Rebelios: ( if you not told us to pre-setup)

Your iphone 5 must be already activated via itune ( if not you will get "activation required" )

1) Remove Orginal sim tray and sim card, Turn phone off, then power on without sim
2) Once power on, wait til "NO SIM" then insert Rebelios blank sim together with Reblios-sim into the phone
3) Reblios-sim menu will pop up, select your network from the list ( if you network is not on the list select Other Carrier option)
4) Select your network ( or other carrier option enter the 7 digit network code of the locked network)
5) Confirm message
6) Turn phone off and turn phone back on
7) Insert your new network sim and wait for signal ( appox 5 mins )

Note: This sim tray must be kept inside the phone at all time, it is tricking the phone to think you are using the original network sim card.

Mobile Data Setup Instruction:
1) Goto Setting > General > Network > Mobile Data Network > input the setting in the APN box.
For example: your new network is O2 UK
APN: mobile.o2.co.uk
User: web
Pass: web
Ask your network provider for the setting or simply use google search

2) Restart your phone.

If this menu is hidden, insert the White Rebelios Blank setup Sim into the phone with the original sim tray ( without rebelios ) will open access to this menu.
IF Activation Required Pop Up
This mean you have select the wrong network or have enter the wrong network code.
You choose the netwrok that the phone is locked to Not the new network you intend to use.
Manually enter the network code ( IMSI )
United Kingdom 3 2342091 2342073
United Kingdom O2 2341091
United Kingdom ORG 2343320 <<<< Orange UK
United Kingdom Vodafon 2341590
United Kingdom O2-02 2340211
United Kingdom Orange33 2343334
United Kingdom T-Mobile 2343091 or 2343083

Ireland 3 2720570

Ireland Metro 2720303

EE = T-mobile and Orange sim can work in either network's iphone, but if you get no service problem using the t-mobile code, then try Orange code.



Q1) I have followed the instruction and still getting No service ?

A1) Soft reset your phone or goto Setting > General > Reset > Reset Network Setting

Q2) Will i need to run the setup each time i power off the phone?

A2) No, you don't have to ever do anything.

Q3) It is not working in my iphone 4 ?

A3) No this Rebelios-Sim will not work in iphone 4, this is a 4-S only unlock

Q4) Do i remove the Rebelios-Sim after the unlock ?

A4) No, you need to keep the Rebelios-Sim in your phone in all time.

Q5) I am using rebelios on my Locked T-Mobile 4S, I am goto give my rebelios to my friend that have a Locked Vodafone 4S ?

A5) Yes you can give your Rebelios-Sim to your friend to use on his vodaofne 4S, just run the setup again. ( enter the imsi code for the vodafone network)

Q6) Will this Rebelios-Sim tray unlock other 4S from other country ?

A6) Yes this R-Sim will unlock Any GSM 4S from any country but you must know the network which it is locked to complete the SETUP

Q7) I can make and received calls with the rebelios sim tray on the new network but no mobile data?

A7) Just need to enter the APN data setting for the new network if your 4S have not already auto update the setting. ( see instruction above)

Q8) I am using O2 sim on my locked Orange UK 4S with rebelios, but want to start using 3UK sim ?

A8) You dont need to run setup, just replace the o2 sim with 3uk sim, thats all.

Item included in this auction:

1 X Specially design for iphone 5 sim tray

1 X Reblios-sim

1 x Activation Setup sim ( White Plain sim)

**Please do inform us if you do not want us to test or open the SIM packaging.

Please use the e-instruction above.

Online / telephone techincal support and Support download website / forum

My paypal account is: phil@phoneunlock.com

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